December 5, 2013

Book Three in the Silverville Saga

In the newly released book “The Magicke Outhouse” an astonishing feat is possible – time travel.  

Authors Kym O’Connell-Todd and Mark Todd have conjured up a quirky tale of strange things happening to those who visit a certain outhouse on the edge of the peculiar little mountain town of Silverville, Colorado.

“Everyone knows you can’t time-travel,” say the authors. “But the rules change in Silverville, where anything is possible.”  

Combine ley lines with a mysterious privy fungus and one might end up anywhere, from ancient Egypt to the Wild West or into the future. Add in an almost-zombie and a pig that can sing “Happy Birthday,” and you’re in for a wild ride – if the tour guides can just work out the kinks.

Co-authors Kym O’Connell-Todd and Mark Todd have made Silverville a must-visit destination for readers who can’t get enough of the strange goings-on that just seem to naturally occur there.

It began with a supposed UFO sighting in Silverville and a resulting theme park (and hordes of tourists) in “Little Greed Men” and continued with a curse that led to a chicken fetish in “All Plucked Up” (think Indiana Jones meets the Maltese Falcon).

Now the Todds take readers on trips back in time. But the involvement of Buford Price, whose efforts in the earlier novels have produced hilarious results, creates a problem that can only be fixed by going back in time and making certain changes. Naturally, there’s a glitch in that effort.

“Small town mystery and excitement have never been as surprising and fun,” says Charlie Craig, showrunner and head writer for SyFi Channel’s hit series Eureka and writer for Fox’s The X-Files. “The laughs are never more than a page away … keeping the reader captivated until the last, surprising chapter. Who knew that a journey that begins in an outhouse could be so much fun?”

Stacia Deutsch, New York Times best selling author, says “It’s no easy task but this book gets [time travel] right. Kym and Mark Todd have a time travel hit with this new adventure in the Silverville Saga series. As soon as those deadly kinks are worked out, sign me up.”

Alex J. Cavanaugh, author of the Amazon best selling Casa  series, says “a unique cast of characters makes this a fun and enjoyable read!”

August 19, 2013


    “Dos Rios Memories,” a biography of Alonzo Hartman, a Gunnison city founder, by local author Judy Buffington Sammons has been published.
    Hartman was a pioneer Colorado cattleman and one of the first settlers on the state’s Western Slope.             Hartman settled in an area south of present-day Gunnison near the confluence of Tomichi Creek and the Gunnison River and called it Dos Rios. A popular recreation area south of town is named Hartman Rocks. 
    The “Hartman Castle,” built in 1891, is a well-known Gunnison landmark.
    The book is available in local and area bookstores. It was published by Raspberry Creek Books, Ltd., of Gunnison.
    The book recounts Hartman’s rise from a provider of beef to the Ute Indians, when the area was a true wilderness, to prominent cattleman. It includes many historic photos, some of which have not been published before.
    Hartman was a friend of Ute Chief Ouray and his wife Chipeta and was involved in early major legal issues dealing with free grazing and water rights.
    Duane Vandenbusche, Gunnison historian and Professor of History at Western State Colorado University, calls the book “an outstanding and well-documented account.”  He said Sammons covers Harman’s life and contributions to ranching, politics and the growth and development of one of the great cattle regions of the nation “in an excellent and easy-to-read style.”
    Sammons grew up on a Hereford ranch northwest of Gunnison.  She is the author of six books and numerous articles on western Colorado history.  A holder of a Master of Arts degree in Education from WSCU, she has recently retired from a 30-year career teaching math, reading, and English in the field of adult education.
    “Coming from a ranching family herself, Judy gets the cattle business right,” said Kathleen Curry, Gunnison County beef producer and former state legislator. She called the book “a must-read for those of us who love the Gunnison Country and want to know and understand the people who got it started.”
    Local rancher Lee Spann agreed. He called the book “a much-needed documentation of one of the founders of the community in the Gunnison Valley.”

April 29, 2013


    “The Silverville Saga” series of books by local authors Kym O’Connell-Todd and Mark Todd continues to grow with the publication this week of “Little Greed Men.”
     This was preceded earlier this year by the publication of “All Plucked Up.”
     Both books were published by Raspberry Creek Books, Ltd., of Gunnison.
    “Little Greed Men” was published originally in 2006 under the title “The Silverville Swindle” by Ghost Road Press of Denver. Raspberry Creek Books and the Todds agreed to publish a series of books based on the first one and decided to change the title of the original novel, which has since been revised for publication as the first in a series.
    The Todds are at work on a third book in the “Silverville Saga.”
    The books are all set in the small fictitious Colorado mountain town of Silverville, which some say reminds them of Gunnison.
    "Little Greed Men” sets the stage for the other books in the series and is built around the question: What happens when a town’s local resident spots a UFO? 
    In this case, Silverville sees nothing but dollar signs  
    The book description invites readers to “ride along on this irreverent adventure that reveals Colorado mountain culture at its most outrageous and where just about everybody shares in the madness of money, murder and mayhem.”
    The book was nominated for the Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Fiction Award and has been placed on the Washington Center for the Book recommended reading list at the Library of Congress.
    The humorous science fiction novel has been praised by reviewers including the late Ed Quillen, a syndicated columnist for the Denver Post and co-publisher of Colorado Central magazine who called it “a howling funny ride all the way.” He asked “how far will a mountain town go to get more tourists? Clear to Arcturus, maybe, and along the way to the stars, there are con men, scam artists, hustlers, perhaps even a few honest citizens.”
    “Little Greed Men” is the first book in the series with “All Plucked Up” the second. The third, tentatively titled “The Magicke Outhouse,” is scheduled for publication later this year or in early 2014.

    Both current books in the series are available at local bookstores or via 


       “This Cursed Valley,” an historical novel set on Colorado's Western Slope in the area from Gunnison to Glenwood Springs, has been reissued in a special 10th anniversary edition.
       The novel, by Gunnison resident Larry K. Meredith, traces the history of the Crystal River Valley south of Carbondale and the surrounding area from 1879 to 1930 through the eyes of one man and his family.
       Based on a local legend that as the Ute Indians were being driven from the area to reservations in the southwestern part of Colorado a Ute Holy Man placed a curse on the valley, the novel explores the trials and tribulations, the mining boom and bust, and the various attempts of men to use the valley for their own ends, often with failure as the result.
       The novel also explores the early history of Aspen and Glenwood Springs and the remote towns of the Crystal Valley including Schofield, Crystal City and Marble.
       The idyllic town of Redstone, along with its founder and benefactor J. C. Osgood, is a significant part of the novel.
       “This Cursed Valley” has been a popular read since its publication in 2002.  It was originally issued by a Denver publishing company.
       Meredith recently re-acquired the rights to the novel and formed a new publishing company, Raspberry Creek Books, Ltd. to publish this book and several others by a number of authors who are primarily Colorado writers.  “This Cursed Valley” is the first book to be issued by his company.

        The second book from the firm will be "All Plucked Up," by Kym O'Connell Todd and Mark Todd who live near Gunnison.  This is a sequel to their first novel "The Silverville Swindle."  The book will be available before Thanksgiving.

       The name of the publishing company comes from Raspberry Creek near Marble which borders property Meredith and his wife Alley have owned for a number of years.
“The novel has remained popular over the years,” Meredith said, “and I felt it was time for an update and a new version.”
       The 10th anniversary edition includes some material that was not published in the original version.
It also features an introduction by Anne Hillerman of Santa Fe, the daughter of famed novelist Tony Hillerman.

       The book is available in e-book form for the Kindle.

       Meredith said the book was completely re-designed which allowed him to decrease the page count from 576 to a little more than 400, even while adding some previously unpublished material.”

       The novel debuted in 2002 to critical acclaim from the Denver Post.

       The Post called the novel “action-packed enough to be read in hours-long, chapter-absorbing chunks. The curse and its effects... make up a page-turner, night-light-burner of a Western saga.  When the last page is turned, a reader is left wondering if the curse still brings trouble and calamity to those who would use the Crystal River Valley for self-serving ends.”

       Author Jon Chandler of Denver said “this novel of the West embraces the pioneer experience with wit, intelligence, and extraordinary historical detail. . . This is a broad, rich novel; a novel to be savored.”

       A second novel by Meredith dealing with land use issues has been completed and he is working on a biography of a long-time movie stuntman who has appeared in hundreds of films and television productions and who, for a number of films, was John Wayne’s double.  He has also doubled, and worked with, such starts as Clark Gable, Rock Hudson, Tom Selleck, Sam Elliot, Fess Parker, Gregory Peck and many others. 

“This Cursed Valley” is available at many bookstores throughout Colorado, on, via Ingram Book Company, or by ordering directly from Raspberry Creek Books. 

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